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Katrol Jol's facelift

Bouwer brought his Kingcat 2206, Katrol Jol to us in April for a full deck replacement, due to the existing wooden deck becoming soft and spongy. Along with upgrades to outdated components. Since then we have spent a total of 34 days on Katrol Jol.

This equates to 1665 combined hours!

Kingcat 2206 before her facelift

Kingcat 2206 before her facelift

We started by stripping the deck of all fittings: upholstery, Flotex carpets, electrics, mechanical systems, T-Top, stainless, all screens, bum boxes, rod holders, trawling bars and hatches, to gain access to the original wooden deck. We removed all the bottles and the original saturated expansion foam. that has become waterlogged over time. We replaced this with high density SPX 33 foam noodles which complies with SAMSA regulations Section 9 and 9.1 regarding flotation requirements and issued him with a new buoyancy certificate.

SPX 33 buoyancy noodles

The deck was replaced with Lloyds' approved high density foam core. During disassembly of the boat, it was found that all wood reinforcement in the top deck were also water logged and rotting, and the customer opted for a complete replacement of deck and topdeck.

The Kingcat 2206 top deck mold was laid up with fiberglass and our signature high density foam core along with Coosa board in all high load areas, which is the same material we sue in all our new build transoms. This layup procedure gives a stronger and lighter product, that we can guarantee will last!

Following the complete facelift of the vessel, Bouwer opted for full replacement of the Flotex carpeting to get a boat as close to new as possible.

Flotex is a strong and hygienic carpet, and being completely waterproof, it is the perfect fit for a boat.

Other repairs undertaken were, bumbox, console and T-Top were fully prepped and resprayed.  And two full T-Top uprights were replaced with an updated design ensuring better support for the T-Top and at the owner's request the two removable trawling bars were welded to the mounting base plates and fitted as solid units. All stainless steel was fully buffed and polished prior to being reinstalled to the boat.

The keel chine, which showed signs of numerous beach launches and fatigue, was prepped and reapplied with matching gelcoat. 

All new upholstery and embroidery was manufactured and fitted using fibreglass backing templates to ensure the absence of wood, to which the high density marine grade foam was mounted and covered in plastic before being covered in vinyl.

On the electrics side, 90% of the wiring on the boat was replaced with tin core high-flex marine grade silicone cable. The battery terminals and the motor cable boots were also replaced. We also ordered and installed new Suzuki Multi- function Tachometer, Trim gauge and speedometer.

Prior to handover of the boat the vessel was fully washed, cut and polished and all new stickers were applied to the vessel in the owner's original design. 

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