Born from the vision of Dylan Banwell, owner, engineer and designer, with the goal of building a superior catamaran. Kaos Catamarans is the story of a passionate combination of far-reaching sailing experience and pragmatic engineering.  

Dylan with the first Kaos hull

In Greek mythology, Chaos is the goddess of emptiness and confusion who gave birth to the Universe. 

At Kaos Catamarans we are focused on building the perfect catamaran, achieving the ultimate harmony between comfort and performance.

We know the demands of the sea, we understand the forces that the ocean can exert on a boat. Fundamentally, our boats are designed and built to withstand the worst weather nature can dish out. 

After studying at Solent University, sailing all over the world, building and fixing yachts, Dylan has learnt how catamarans are built, and how they break, sail in rough conditions, which systems work and which fail, and what are the real necessities at sea. 

We've concluded that none of the catamarans currently on the market are ideally suited to today's voyagers. They are flashy, glitzy and fashionable, but lacking the ideal balance of performance, comfort, quality, and practical seamanlike features required by serious sailors.

Kaos Catamarans are unique because they are designed specifically to the individual's needs.  Through Dylan's vast fund of experience, we are able to advise on the perfect layout and systems, giving our customers invaluable feedback on which they can rely.


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